We believe...
We are here to help you
walk along side you in your recovery journey to regain control in your own life again

MOre about the team

Sara Schade

​Executive Director

We Believe...


Robert Linares  Aka Reiki Bob
Robert Linares other know as Reiki Bob has been a Recovery Coach for over 2 years.  Bob is the " Do it all" guy.  Bobs compassion for the people we serve shows every day in his tireless dedication to our members.  Bob started at the UA as a volunteer to do free Reiki for our members once a week, he was quickly noticed as a essential part of the UA team.  He has now been working for Unlimited Alternatives for almost 3 years. 

As Program Director Bob is in charge of all Member activities, outings, eating and food pantry. Bob also does Reiki once a week on Thursdays.  UA would have a hard time running as a smooth ship if it was not for Bob!!

Sara is a Certified Peer Support Specialist and Recovery Coach with a year of training for the state of Michigan.  Most importantly, Sara is a person living in long term recovery which for her means over 8 years off all opiates. 
Sara is on a MAT work group for the state of Michigan, advocating for the recovery community, and reducing stigma to reform MAT through her own personal and professional experience. Sara is an advocate for the peer workforce and its development. With her unique experience and expertise in substance use disorders and mental health issues alike, Sara works doing outreach with people who are experiencing homelessness and discovering how to support those individuals in bettering their lives however they see fit.  

Sara has been working for Unlimited Alternatives for almost 6 years and has been the Executive Director for over a year.  Thru her life experience, she enjoys supporting people on what ever pathway of life they choose. She believes that at UA we become supports in the lives of many members who do not have family, friends or have lost their natural supports over the course of their mental health issues or substance use disorders. She believes a strong support system is crucial to those in recovery for not only strength and reassurance but also accountability.

Karen Statler
Karen Statler has been working with Unlimited Alternatives for a year and a half. Karen as Bob (see above) started at UA as a volunteer, she showed love, dedication and compassion that shown thru in so many ways.  Karen is a dynamic personality.  With a contagious smile she is also known as the "get stuff done" woman. Karen is our Office Manager / Peer Support, she supports the Executive Director with many office activities, is in charge of  the laundry and shower lists.  She also makes sure that member lives are as comfortable as possible with handing out free toothpaste, razors, shirts, donations etc.  We literally do not know how we would survive without Karen as a part of our family.  

We believe...

 You can regain control in your own life again, and stand up against those who strip you of your dignity and respect.
You should never be alone,

We will always be here