I was born here in Grand Rapids, MI to a loving home, but in my teens I fell to the world. I picked up alcohol and drug addiction and my mental health failed. In this time I joined many programs for recovery, I knew I wanted to give back and help others that got lost. I have been at UA for 2 years and am currently a Peer Support Specialist. My goal is to help people struggling find their way out. I'm here as proof that transformation is possible.

Meet the team

Everyone who works at Unlimited Alternatives has lived experience

with mental health and/or substance use concerns.

These experiences shape what we do and how we do it.


I was born into a military lifestyle; I'm originally from Sacramento, CA. I've been working at UA for over 7 years and am currently the Assistant Executive Director. I chose this line of work because I enjoy helping people.


I'm a Baker College graduate and have been working as a Certified Peer Support Specialist since October 2014. I've been in recovery since September 2006. I worked for UA in a contracted bookkeeping position before becoming Executive Director in the Fall of 2020. I enjoy the gym, reading, and cooking. 


Sometimes all you need is a spark to ignite HOPE.... I never believed that I would achieve any success in my life, until I found the support of a peer to light that spark of hope for me. I began my recovery journey in 2009 and have been a Certified Peer Support Specialist since 2015 working with the M.D.O.C.  I am new here to the Unlimited Alternatives team, and look forward to meeting new peers.