Carie, Certified Peer Support Specialist, Certified Peer Recovery Coach

Tyler, Certified Peer Support Specialist

My name is Wilbur Watson, originally from Battle Creek, MI. I moved to Grand Rapids in 1993 in an attempt to get my life on track. I am a recovering addict with 30 years of sobriety. As a Peer Recovery Coach, my role is to share my life experiences with the individuals that utilize our services. I am a father of five, a grandfather of six, and I have one great-grandchild. I have a passion for helping people through seeing my parents give to those in need. Type your paragraph here.

Meet the Team​​

Everyone who works at Unlimited Alternatives has lived experience with mental health and/or substance use concerns.

These experiences shape what we do and how we do it.

Deanna, Executive Director, MA, CPRC, CPSS

Patty, Assistant Director, Certified Peer Support Specialist

My name is Michele.  As a person born with a predisposition to and lived experience in addiction, I committed to efforts in bringing hope to those experiencing recovery.  My father was an alcoholic. I was in an active addiction for many years that led me on a hopeless path. In 2015 I surrendered my addiction and started listening to suggestions of how to keep sober. In 2017 I started my recovery coaching journey working in transitional, inpatient and outpatient settings. Working with others gives me a purpose in life, holds me accountable, and is very rewarding in several ways. It’s a blessing to be able to share my experience, strength, and hope with others.

Hello, I am Patricia Parnell. I am honored to be a part of Unlimited Alternatives team. There are many stigmas associated with
mental health that keep many suffering in silence. I look forward to helping eliminate those stigmas. I am excited to use my individual background and firsthand experiences with mental health, to help others on recoveries road. Dealing with mental health has taught me the importance of hope and support. When hope is extended and accepted, no one is beyond help. I received my Associates of Science in Human Service from Cornerstone University. I am currently pursuing my bachelor's in ministry leadership. I love reading, journeying, writing poetry, performing spoken word, singing, people, and serving my community. I look forward to further serving my community.

What's Up, I'm Tyler.  I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI.  I have lived experience dealing with Mental Health Issues.  I want to use this experience to connect with peers who have struggled with the same problems.  I have lost and gained alot of things along this journey called life.  Hopefully my life lessons can help others find positivity and growth.Type your paragraph here.

Wilbur, Certified Peer Recovery Coach, Certified Peer Support Specialist

I was born here in Grand Rapids, MI to a loving home, but in my teens I fell to the world. I picked up alcohol and drug addiction and my mental health failed. In this time I joined many programs for recovery; I knew I wanted to give back and help others that got lost. I have been at UA since 2020 and am currently a Peer Support Specialist and Recovery Coach. My goal is to help people struggling find their way out. I'm here as proof that transformation is possible.​

I have worked as a Case Manager in several non-profits for over 25 years.  Most of my work has been with survivors of physical and sexual violence, including trafficking survivors, and the homeless population.  After my masters level practicum at Gateway Community Services and my service as the executive director of Hannah's House, I knew I wanted to continue working with people affected by addiction and housing insecurity.  I'm excited to use both my professional experience and my lived experience in recovery to further my work in community organizations.

Michele, Certified Peer Recovery Coach, Certified Peer Recovery Mentor, Certified Peer Support Specialist

“Alone, we can do so little;

together we can do so much.”